Pioneer Valley Electrolysis - Company Message
Pioneer Valley Electrolysis offers flexible scheduling, so getting started is easy. Simply call and reserve a time that best works for the way you work~ morning, afternoon or evening.
As a new client, you will want to be sure to have
at least  45 minutes of time for:
  • A brief consultation : Educate on the process of electrolysis, causes for hair growth, methods utilized and how to achieve permanent results. A treatment card is initiated with contact information, a brief medical history, discussion on skin care- before and after treatment and review office policies.
  • A 15 minute treatment is performed.
  • Payment is taken and future appointments are scheduled as recommended.
Time is reserved in 15 minute increments and priced as follows:
15 minutes $40
30 minutes $50
45 minutes $60
60 minutes $70

Pre & Post Treatment  Recommendations
  •  A safe healing period of two weeks following any CHEMICAL PEEL, MICRODERM ABRASION or LASER treatment/s is suggested prior to engaging in or resuming electrolysis treatments.
  • Apply an Epsom salt/water (1 Tbsp. salt to 1 qt. warm water) compress to the treatment area should any of the following common skin reactions occur, which usually disappear within a few hours/days of treatment, including but not limited to; reddening of the treated skin, slight swelling of the tissues, eschars, heat and/or itching sensations.
  •  Avoid prolonged exposure to U.V. radiation for the 24 hours before and 48 hours after electrolysis treatments.  Choose a broad spectrum sunscreen to apply daily that blocks both UVA & UVB rays. 
  • Avoid using make-up products for the first 24 hours after treatment.
  •  Avoid using deodorant for the first 48 hours after treatment of underarms.
  •  Avoid excessive friction or touching of the treated area/s for 24 hours after treatment.
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