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You've gotten this far because
 you're ready  to make a difference!
Today, it's all about how we look- this is truly a commercially-beauty based, cosmetically centered world...
If there is something we don't like about ourselves~ we can change it.  From hair color and contacts, to plastic surgery and teeth bleaching, botox and collagen injections, to tattooed lip and eyeliner...
Getting rid of unwanted hair
 is no different!
So the question that begs to be asked is~ why isn't permanent hair removal on your cosmetic priority list?
Women have been doing it for decades!  In fact, this article
reveals some beauty secrets of the most iconic women in Hollywood, including Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe 
utilizing electrolysis to enhance their beauty ~
 2 out of 8 women suffer with some form excessive hair growth,
known as hirsutism or hypertrichosis, during their lifetime.
· hir·sut·ism\ n. : medical term for excessive hairiness, especially in women, where it is considered masculine (face).
· hy·per·tri·cho·sis\ n.:  as referred to in the female sense;  an overgrowth of hair on parts of the body other than the face (chest, arms, abdomen, back, buttocks, thighs).
What it is & How it works:
The procedure requires the skilled technique of inserting a fine probe into the follicle, guiding it gently along side the hair to the dermal papilla- destroying it with the use of a modern, perfected, computer-assisted system which supplies a low intensity current, using one of the modalities below.
Galvanic current:  direct current (DC) is electrical current flowing in one direction and requiring a negative and positive electrode to complete the circuit.  This process changes the chemical composition of the salt and water already present in the follicle to  one called lye.  Lye is very caustic to the hair germ cells at the base of the follicle.  This method is most effective for  curved or distorted follicles.
Thermolysis:  alternating current (AC) (may also be referred to as High Frequency, Short Wave  or Flash) is electrical current that flows to and from on the same circuit delivered in pulses to create electro-coagulation (heat) in the follicle tissue to destroy hair germ cells.
Blend: Is a dual action method using a combination of direct and alternating current.
Electrolysis has been practiced since the late 1800’s, is currently the ONLY method of PERMANENT hair removal recognized and approved by the FDA, and has stood the test of time to be proven effective for every skin, hair and follicle type.
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